Flow Learning - An Outdoor Teaching Strategy

January 30 - 31, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand

Workshop Feedback 
Summarised from quantitative data on the Workshop Feedback Sheet

The workshop provided me with helpful ideas
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The workshop provided me with skills/knowledge that I can use in my classroom
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The workshop met the outlined objectives
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I would recommend this workshop to other teachers
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The handouts were valuable
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Registering for the workshop was easy
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Online communication prior to the workshop was good
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Disagreed 5%

A summary of responses to the following query on the workshop evaluation form:

“Theory/Skills acquired from the workshop that you can use immediately”:  


Picture on back to review before test

Appreciate nature and hope to inspire students or atleast open their eyes

Games and Activities

Mood chargers

Focus attention (counting bird sounds)

Direct experience (interview a tree, peek a zoo)

Ideas that I can apply/adjust for my very young students

Using nature to inspire my teaching in many more ways than I thought

More games that relate to my reggio project this year

How to channel/direct student energy

How to really help children focus

All of it! I'm teaching our ecosystem unit right now and I can't wait to implement some strategies next week

Camera game

Meet a tree

Making a tree

Forest bathing


Noah's ark

Camouflage trail

The 4 stages of Flow Learning

Being mindful of students' energy and needs

Read the energy of students and adjust as necessary with the appropriate activities

Short game like bursts

Experience first, question later

Controlling energy and working with energy to teach

Do not focus on structured lessons/plans

Moving class outdoors and using games/techniques to help build knowledge and interest

Importance of tuning in to pupils and connecting with them

Priniciples of Flow Learning Chart

Importance of giving direct experiences

Awaken enthusiasm/focus attention

Nature 'photograph' partner activity

Animal guessing games