Flow Learning - Implementable Skills

This workshop was held in Chiangmai, Thailand  in March 2013

Response from participants of the workshop to the question below: 

What are the theory/skills acquired from the workshop that you can use immediately?

FLOW Learning Chart

Peek a Zoo, many of the games

Genny and the goat... idea of optimal experience

Owls and Cows - T/F activity

Journey to the heart of nature/Sharing your sight

Peeka Zoo - can be used with other type of vocab as way of revision

Nature Games

4 stages

Learning/Activities outdoors make a HUGE difference 

Story writing; Peek a zoo; Bat-moth

The writing activities can be used to help with vocab development

Music as a class management tool 

Flow Learning can be adapted to many classroom environments

A variety of activities.  I can definitely design an "outdoor" experience now

Fingers on your nose. Wild animal scramble.  Meet a tree.