Brave Heads - Transformational Leadership for School Leaders

September 26 - 27, 2014

Chiangmai, Thailand

Workshop Feedback 
Summarised from quantitative data on the Workshop Feedback Sheet

The workshop provided me with helpful ideas
Agreed 100%
Disagreed 0%

The workshop provided me with helpful strategies
Agreed 100%
Disagreed 0%

The workshop used a variety of interactive approaches
Agreed 100%
Disagreed 0%

I would recommend this workshop to other teachers
Agreed 100%
Disagreed 0%

The handouts were valuable
Agreed 100%
Disagreed 0%

Registering for the workshop was easy
Agreed 100%
Disagreed 0%

Online communication prior to the workshop was good
Agreed 80%
Disagreed 20%

A summary of responses to the following query on the

workshop evaluation form:

“Theory/Skills acquired from the workshop that you can use immediately”:  

How to make a goal in school

Ideas on how to analyse our leadership

Using sigmoid curve in staff meetings

Decision making

Leadership type

Spiral dynamics

J.W. Burnham’s work

Fort Controller

Videos for PD and parent evening

Leading learning theory

Blending/utilising various leadership profiles

Critical questions about own school

Better understanding of leadership team

To be more personable/work with teachers

Feedback on assessment to improve student learning

Values-  Shared values

Discussing from all areas

Wonder questions - think

Use ideas during recruitment eg - Three ways to improve life of a child etc.