Developing Confident Talking in Early Years 

November 7 - 8, 2014

Chiangmai, Thailand

Workshop Feedback 
Summarised from quantitative data on the Workshop Feedback Sheet

The workshop provided me with helpful ideas
Agreed 95%
Disagreed 5%

The workshop provided me with helpful strategies
Agreed 95%
Disagreed 5%

The workshop used a variety of interactive approaches
Agreed 95%
Disagreed 5%

I would recommend this workshop to other teachers
Agreed 95%
Disagreed 5%

The handouts were valuable
Agreed 95%
Disagreed 5%

Registering for the workshop was easy
Agreed 100%
Disagreed 0%

Online communication prior to the workshop was good
Agreed 95%
Disagreed 0%

A summary of responses to the following query on the workshop evaluation form:

“Theory/Skills acquired from the workshop that you can use immediately”:  

Planted adult approach

The sustained shared thinking/natural materials/ marking making activity

All about me boxes

Positive language

Careful photo taking

Strategies for dealing with dominant children to  ‘share’ the teacher

Don’t label children as shy.  Observe at other locations first.

Identifying silent students and shy students

Table activities, stories to tell, progressive stories to tell

Moderating language in classrooms

Helping children who experience anxiety in the classroom

The Magic Bubble

Difference between being shy, introverted and selective mutism

Work towards setting a standard on how to talk for the whole school

Introduce KISS to staff

Positive report writing

The accuracy of my language with children

Strategies to support children and parents

Idea for registration